Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

Write Articles for More Business Exposure

Have you ever heard the saying, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going?" When you have tried everything and lie awake at night and you don't know where your next client will come from, you need to think "outside the box." What exactly is "outside the box" for you? Think about it for a minute.

The old ways of advertising just don't work any longer. Those old ways were newspaper, Yellow Pages, telephone directories, radio and television. Some of those still work for larger companies but they just don't work for smaller companies.

Thinking "outside the box" means that you have to come up with new ideas to advertise your small business. You have to do things that you normally wouldn't do or even think about doing. They need to be a "one-two punch" combination of online and offline advertising.

One of the ways that I have been marketing my business is by writing a monthly article about things that I know. They are topics that people ask me about and tell me "wow, you are a fountain of knowledge." Some of those topics are Facebook, websites, social media, blogs, articles, video emails, networking, newsletters, personalized cards, recorded phone calls, webinars or workshops, YouTube, press releases, and contact management, to name just a few.

You are probably saying right now, "I don't know anything. What can I write about?" It all depends on how long you've been in your area of expertise. If you've been in that field for a while, there are probably hundreds of topics about which you can write. There might not be as much to write about if you've been in the business for a short period of time. But there is always something you can write.

What can you write about?
1. What do people ask you about?
2. What do you like to do?
3. What do you like to talk about?
4. Why did you start your business?
5. What are your hobbies or views?

Whatever you write about, be sure that you include a brief byline with your name, company name, company description and your contact information. You can post articles on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Don't forget to submit them to EzineArticles and any of the hundreds of online article submission websites and post them on your website and blog.

Be sure that the title is eye-grabbing and your article should be full of information and value and not just filler words. Research if you aren't sure what to write about and double check the facts. Articles should be 300-500 words but can be longer if the topic permits.

Take advantage of this free marketing area to get great exposure for your business.

Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Tips To Outsourcing For Business

Outsourcing for business is simply the hiring of experts or competent personnel to handle some aspects of your business for you. If you are a webmaster, you will agree with me that it is not possible to carry out all the activities of your business and website all alone within the limited time available.

Outsourcing for business is essential so that webmasters will have time to attend to some other vital issues that will move the business forward. One of the objectives of all businesses is to build wealth and when it comes to wealth building, time management is very important. Hence, the best way for you to leverage your time as a business owner is through outsourcing many of the tasks necessary for operating a profitable business to hardworking and qualified people.

However, outsourcing for business may not be as easy as you may envisage because you need to know exactly what aspects of your business you should outsource, how to get knowledgeable people to do the work for you as well as when you must hire these experts.

As a matter of fact, at the initial stage of your business, you will want to solely carry out most of the tasks of the business until you get some profits rolling in. All the same, a time will come when it will become necessary for you to hire experts to do most of the jobs due to the volume of work and lack of time to meet up with other important issues of the business. At this time, doing the work all alone will slow down the pace of work which can eventually lead to your inability to meet up with deadlines.

As your online business grows on daily basis, it becomes imperative that you outsource some jobs to experts so that you will not only have time to attend to vital issues, you will also be able to take your business to the next level.

There are many areas of your business that can be handled by experts. Consequently, you can hire people to handle; customer care service, content creation including video, graphics, web design, graphics, copywriting, programming, research, traffic management, product reviews and traffic creation among others.

Outsourcing for Business - The Best Way to Get Competent People

As it is good to hire experts to handle some technical areas of your business for you due to lack of time, it is also very wise and necessary to employ the services of experienced people so that the purpose of hiring will not be defeated at the end. Therefore, if you are looking for hardworking and experienced freelancers to work for you, the best way is to go through proven freelance job sites and any outsourcing forum.

When you get to any of the sites or forums, register for free so that you will have the opportunity of posting your project.

Outsourcing for business is essential if you want to build wealth in online business. Nevertheless, you need to hire people wisely to achieve your corporate objectives. If you need competent hands to work for you, join relevant outsourcing forum or other freelance job sites to post your project in order for people to bid for it.